Wine Down Relay

Wine Down Relay

It sounded like a good idea at the time I registered. 4.5 miles a month after my half marathon should be no problem. Before the shin splints struck during my half marathon training, I agreed to run a relay race with three of my friends. A race with friends that includes post-race wine sounded fun.

The week before the relay, I finally read the details. The course would only be open for 4 hours. None of us had been running regularly lately, and I’m a slow runner at the best of times. We decided it would be close, but we should be able to finish under the 4-hour limit. The relay location was the Waterside development in Fort Worth, TX. I hadn’t been to this area of the city previously, but it’s a nice area. The race course was along the Trinity river. Our fastest runner took the first leg and gave us about 12 minutes of cushion. She also informed us the course was 4.7 miles instead of the advertised 4.5. I ran the third leg and was the only one to finish in over an hour, so we finished under the course limit, and we weren’t last! It started out cool and cloudy, but the sun came out during my leg, and it got hot!

If we do it again, we’ll train for it and bring something to sit on while we wait for our team to finish.

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