My Favorite Running Gear

My Favorite Running Gear

Hydration Vest: Ultimate Direction Ultra Vesta I prefer the reservoir (purchased separately) instead of the body bottles that come with the vest.

Skirts: Bolder Athletic Wear (formerly SparkleSkirts) I wasn’t sure I would like running in a skirt, but the swing style is comfortable. The shorts are long enough for me and don’t ride-up. The pockets are what really make the skirt a favorite of mine for races. I can carry so much in them. The first time I wore the skirt, I had taken an Uber to a run, not sure what I was going to do with the included tank top I picked up before the run. I was able to fold it and fit it into one of the pockets!

Shorts: Constantly Varied Gear is a new find of mine, but I’m glad I found them. The material is so soft, and the pockets are huge! I really like the company, too! CVG has built a very supportive community for women’s fitness.

Shoes: I’m a long-time Brooks lover. With the exception of one pair of Mizuno Wave Riders many years ago, I have only run in Brooks. I used to be a neutral runner, but a fitting at Fort Worth Running Co. informed me that I needed a little support. I now run only in Brooks Adrenaline GTS.

Socks: Feetures! are my preferred sock while running. I like the no show tab socks (cushion level depending on shoe) for running on most days. On cold days, I wear the Merino+ quarter length socks. For recovery, I like PRO Compression Socks. They seem to hold up better than other compression socks I have tried, and they are available in a lot of fun colors.

Safety: Road iD I have never needed it, but it’s nice to know I have it with me on every run. I have owned several of them – a wrist ID I misplaced somewhere in our house, a fitbit sidekick, and I’m currently using two shoe IDs (sprint and sprint pouch). I keep the sprint shoe IDs on my main two pairs of shoes, so I don’t have to switch it out when I alternate between shoes.

Sunglasses: When I buy sunglasses for running, I want cheap and comfortable. I don’t want to worry about the cost to replace them when I break them. My preferred brand is goodr. They are relatively cheap at $25, polarized, lightweight, and don’t slip. They also come in a lot of different colors with fun names. My current pair is “A Ginger’s Soul”.