2017 Vacation Oregon: Days 1 & 2

2017 Vacation Oregon: Days 1 & 2

I am way behind on editing our vacation photos from July. Make sure your lenses are spot-free before going on vacation so that you don’t spend hours editing out said spots in Photoshop after you return home.

Day 1: We took an early flight from DFW to Portland. We had to walk to the terminal once we landed, but the Portland weather was so nice I didn’t mind. We met a friend for lunch, and attempted to visit the Portland Zoo. With the perfect Saturday afternoon weather, we couldn’t find a single parking space. I suggested the Rose Test Garden as an alternate location, but it’s parking lot was being used for overflow zoo parking. We said goodbye to our friend and drove to Eugene. Since Bill was wearing an A&M shirt, we had two people mention Johnny Manziel within 3 hours of arriving in Eugene. We ate at Kung Fu Bistro for dinner. It was good, but my dish was too spicy, even for me.

Day 2: Crater Lake! I have been wanting to visit Crater Lake for years, but it has always been too far of a drive from everywhere else we wanted to visit in Oregon/Washington, so we had never been able to fit it in. We planned this vacation specifically to include it. We had waited until July hoping that all of Rim Drive would be open. However, part of the East Rim was still closed due to snow. The water really is that blue! We entered through the north entrance and drove to the visitor’s center.


Then, we drove back around the west side and over to the point Rim drive was closed on the east side.

While we were stopped at the visitor’s center, a woman stopped us and asked to take our photo in our A&M shirts to send to her son. We didn’t ask why.

On the way back to Eugene, we stopped at Salt Creek Falls. We made the short hike down to the lower viewing area.

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