Merry White Christmas to You!

Merry White Christmas to You!

My first white Christmas! Unfortunately, it created some travel problems, and the kids did not get to see what Santa brought them until this afternoon. Yesterday was the closest to blizzard conditions that I have ever seen. The cows looked miserable soon after we got to De Leon.

Miserable Cows

Later, it got even worse, and it was snowing sideways.

Christmas Eve Snow
The kids and I were supposed to drive back to Fort Worth last night, but the roads were too icy. After sitting on the highway for over an hour, we decided to turn and go back to De Leon for the night. I’m so glad we did. It was nerve-wracking to drive on that ice. We still had drifts in our yard late this afternoon, so the kids got to play in the snow after opening presents.

Drifts on Christmas Day

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