Cowtown 2018 Training Week 7: A Tale of Two Seasons

Cowtown 2018 Training Week 7: A Tale of Two Seasons

My Monday run was yucky. It should not be 85 degrees in December! The only good thing about Monday’s run is that the lingering cough finally seems to have moved on. I had to miss one of my Body Pump classes this week, but I increased my squat weight for the one I was able to attend. By Wednesday, “winter” returned to north Texas. I only had time for a short run, so my pace was pretty good. I was able to get it in before dark, so I ran on the lake trail, which I much prefer to running on the sidewalks in the neighborhood. By Saturday morning, it was downright cold. It was supposed to warm up during the morning, so I wore full-length tights, wool socks, a long-sleeve shirt, and a cap, thinking I would be too hot and sweating a few miles in. That was not the case. I had barely left the house when I felt that north wind, so I turned around to get a headband that would cover my ears. I still expected to get hot, but I never did, even though I ran 8 miles. The wind was really cold up on the dam, but it was a pretty morning.

I smile every time I see this lone ornament on one of the trees by the trail.

On a fitness technology note, I think fitbit devices are only designed to last me about a year. I’m 11 months into my Charge 2, which was a replacement for my Charge HR that fell apart. The band on my Charge 2 is coming apart. Luckily, it’s still under warranty, so I contacted fitbit, and they have shipped me a new band.

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