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Pumpkin Spice 10K (aka My First 10K!)

Pumpkin Spice 10K (aka My First 10K!)

On November 21, I ran my very first 10K – the Pumpkin Spice 10K in Fort Worth. We had a cold front blow in that morning, so it was windy and cold. It wasn’t bad while running, but I think it got colder and windier by the time the race was over. My chip time was 1:09:37, which was faster than I expected. The race shirt is my favorite race shirt so far. It’s long sleeve and so soft. The swag also included a mug and sunglasses.

In other news, I registered for The Cowtown half marathon in February, so I’m several weeks into training for it. I also registered for the 5K, so I’ll complete the Cowtown Challenge.

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