Cowtown Training Week 13

Cowtown Training Week 13

I’m still suffering from shin splints. I’m trying not to think about how far I’m getting behind on my training. At this point, I just hope to be healed enough to cross the finish line. We had another arctic front come in Monday evening, so we had a few really cold days. The wind chill on Tuesday morning was close to 0, and the actual temperature was 9 degrees on Wednesday morning. By the weekend, we were up into the mid-70s with thunderstorms on Sunday afternoon. Of course, I was unable to enjoy a run in the nice, warm weather.

I did stick to my regular two Body Pump classes, even though I had to brave the cold to get there. We even had snow Tuesday morning, so I snapped this picture leaving the gym to prove it.

By the end of the week, my shin was feeling a little better, so I’m hoping for at least a short run by next Saturday.

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