Mother’s Day on the Trinity Trails

Mother’s Day on the Trinity Trails

Bill asked me what I wanted to do today, and I decided to find the local waterfall since we have had rain recently. The waterfall is part of the Trinity Trails system and is located on Farmers Branch Creek just off of Pumphrey Drive in Westworth Village, near the entrance to NAS JRB. It was already pretty hot when we got there this morning.

Zachary taking in the falls from the trail.
Zachary at the Waterfall

Hannah at the seating area near the falls.
Hannah by the Waterfall

The kids were excited to see horses right by the trail.

Zachary had to stop to look for alligators and monsters.
Looking for Alligators and Monsters

On the way back to the parking lot.

After we got back past the falls, we found goats. The baby goats were shy and wouldn’t come near us, but the adults came right up to the fence.

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